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Health and Well Being

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At St Mary's, we have a very important school group dedicated to making wellbeing a top priority for everyone within our school community. There are two representatives in each year group who carry out wellbeing missions. These children do a fantastic job and we are so proud to have them in our school.


smiley Our wellbeing missions smiley


1.We will look out for everybody in our class

2.We will listen to any problems and try to find solutions together

3.We will  encourage positive behaviour, kind words and treat one another with respect

4.We will check in with our friends and do our best to make sure that everyone is feeling happy.

5.We will think of new ways to take care of our own mental health and wellbeing and share this with others.

Checking in..smileysadlaughfrownangry


Every day each class does a morning check in. This can be changed throughout the day- and it helps us reflect on how we are feeling! It also lets our teachers know if we need support. The Wellbeing Warriors wanted each check in to feel unique to the children- so we all had our say on how this looks in every year group! Here are some examples...

Our displays


The children decided that they wanted the displays around the school to focus on emotions and how we manage them. The wellbeing warriors made this happen! 

Our wellbeing work so far...


  • We created worry boxes for each class. This helps the children to draw or write down any worries they may have. Our younger children can use the worry monsters too. We talk about the things that are bothering us and the adults will support us to try and find solutions and help us to feel better.
  • We created a 'Health and Wellbeing' library, full of books that can support us with our feelings and different situations we may be experiencing. The wellbeing warriors are in charge of this and regularly take out books to support the children in their class.
  • We created wellbeing baskets for every year group- full of items to support us when we need a little time out. These include bubbles, sensory toys, mindfulness colouring and lots of helpful breathing techniques to help us calm down if we need to.

Celebrating Health and Wellbeing events and special days!


Here are some examples of the important 'Health and Wellbeing' events we have celebrated as a whole school community! The wellbeing team think of lots of wonderful ideas to promote these special days. Keep an eye on this page for upcoming events and to see how we celebrate them! Don't forget to also check our social media pages where you can see regular updates!



  • Nutrition and hydration week (15th-19th March)
  • World sleep day (17th March)
  • Oral health day (20th March)
  • Stress awareness month (April)
  • National mental health awareness week (15th-21st May)
  • Wear it green day (18th May)
  • Say something nice day (June 1st)