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Lunch Information


Breakfast Club

A Breakfast Club is available at St Mary’s from 8:15 am to 8:45am.  A typical breakfast includes cereal, toast and juice or milk. Breakfast club is free but you can make a small donation towards costs via Parent Pay if you so wished to.



For just £2.80 per day, primary pupils receive a two course main meal to include a vegetarian option and a dessert. Fresh Fruit and drinking water is also readily available in all schools. Our menu cycles run on a 3 week rotational basis which are changed twice a year in May and October to allow for seasonal variances.


Free School Meal (FSM) grant

A free school meal grant (FSM) depends on your household income and whether you receive certain benefits. If you meet the eligibility criteria it is extremely important that you claim for this. The meal your child receives will be no different and it will mean you are eligible to receive additional support during school holidays or in the event of school closures and possibly a uniform grant.

If you think you may be eligible for free school meals, please apply on the authority's website


Universal Primary Free School Meals (UPFSM)

Since September 2022, all full-time Nursery and Reception children have been offered a Universal Primary Free School Meal (UPFSM). This provision was extended to all Year 1 pupils in January 2023, and to all Year 2 pupils in April 2023. Years 3 and 4 received the offer as of September 2023 with Year 5 pupils joining at the end of February 2024.  We are still awaiting confirmation of when Year 6 will join the ongoing roll out of the UPFSM programme. 


All of our menus comply with Healthy Eating in Schools (Nutritional Standards and Requirements) (Wales) Regulations 2013 which became legislative in September 2013. These food regulations are designed to reduce the amount of fat, sugar and salt served in school food. By carefully sourcing reduced fat and/or salt ingredients and adopting good practices such as oven baking and steaming, we can continue to provide pupils with traditional favourite dishes such as traditional roast dinners, Homemade Curry and Rice and a variety of Pasta dishes and desserts to include Homemade Sponge and Custard and Rice Pudding.


Payment and booking for school meals are to be done on Parent Pay. Log in details for each school pupil are available from the school administration officer.  The full menu can also be seen on Parent Pay.